Integrated Marketing

1. Develop an IMC plan for the “Owl and Pussy Cat” company (a medium sized enterprise) that is developing a mobile phone specifically for the ‘Tween’ market in Australia. ‘Tweens’ are children aged between 6 and 13 years old and represent around 11% of the Australian consumer market. Around one quarter of this target group already have mobile phones (for further introductory information read the article by Christian Downie and Kate Glazebrook (2007) “Mobile Phones and the Consumer Kids”available in Moodle).

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Integrated Marketing


IMC or integrated marketing communication can be explained as a set of communication messages using different channels and mediums to convey similar message about a brand, product or organization to the target market and public at large. A integrated marketing communication primarily aims to develop an experience for the target customer so that he can feel the brand, product and a personified image of the organization explaining what their entire organization and its products are all about. In this assignment an integrated marketing communication would be developed for a company known as “owl and pussy Cat Company”. This company is situated in Australia and it is planning to launch a new cell phone for tween market segment. A tween is the person who is in age range of 6 years to 13 years, we can also call it pre teen years. In this integrated marketing communication all aspects of a product which is to be launched for tween group would be incorporated and it is also ensured that psychological and demographics of the tween group are also integrated. Critical aspect in this assignment is the fact that all though tween group is the primary target market and they are the final decision maker when product is to be chosen but actual purchaser are their parents or in majority of cases money is supplied by their parents. So it is equally important in the IMC that while targeting the primary group it is ensured that secondary group also approves and likes the product (Homburg, Kuester & Krohmer, 2009).

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