Information Seeking Behaviour
Genre: General Awareness

You are to identify, locate and read ten journal articles which are related to the topics covered in Information Provision this semester. You may range over the topics or identify a particular one that you are interested in and prepare a more in depth list of articles.

About the Book

Information Seeking Behaviour


We have taken Information Seeking Behaviour as a subject for this report. Information seeking behaviour is defined as the way people search for as well as utilize information. Information behavior is described as the totality of human behavior with relation to sources and related channels of information, which include both active as well as passive information-seeking behavior, and information usage. It is also said that information seeking behaviour is the purposive search of information as a result of the need for achievement of some goal. Information seeking behaviour is the basic level of behavior which is employed by the searcher when interacting with information systems of any kinds, be it between the searcher and the system, or the simple way of creating and following up on a research.

Interactive Information Seeking Behavior and Retrieval

The author sees this research paper as an important text for undergraduate and masters’ degree LIS students, as well as practicing professionals of LIS. The author first talks about the comprehension of a complicated and evolving topic like information seeking behavior in the interactive manner and then goes on to the deciphering of the many complex diagrams. The author says that this can be very deceptive. The author discusses how information seeking behavior in an interactive way differs from a Google search of just referring research papers. The author concludes that there is a fundamental difference in the interactive way of information seeking behavior. This research will help us to differentiate between normal Google way and the interactive way of information seeking behavior (Reid 2012)

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