Information Behavior
Genre: General Awareness

Write a reflection/discussion of about 500 words each on two of the readings (in any format) provided in the course schedule or posted to the announcements. This is not an essay but rather a brief critical review of the reading in order to demonstrate broader reading and critical exploration of current themes.

About the Book

Information Behavior

The article takes us through some models on information behaviour and explains the flow of each model. It explains the reasoning of the model and the idea of the author behind it. The five models covered in the article articulate the information behaviour phenomenon and provides an interesting research. Most of the models are statements which are laid out diagrammatically which provide the framework for thinking about the problem. Models can be one of the best ways to explain a process and behaviour; thus making them much interesting.

The Wilson’s 1981 model clearly looks incomplete and lacks a conclusion to the model and should ideally have more elements to explain the model better. In contrast, Derwin’s model cannot be called a model as it appears to be more theoretical and situational. But, this model is far more open to questions and makes the reader curious. These issues and observations can be further explored. The Ellis model which is given as features and also subsequently tested in studies. The features provide the stages for information seeking, retrieving and also filtering the information sourced from the various information sources. In effect, this model can be seen to be used along with the Wilson model and is not necessarily an alternative but more of a complementary model. Kuhlthau’s model is very similar to Ellis model and can be placed together as the set of events and activities. The model identifies different stages of the information seeking behaviour and the activity that the user performs in that particular stage. Wilson’s 1996 model has heavily revised his original model using other areas of research and assimilating them into his model.

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