Industry Analysis
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This assignment requires students to present a report about an in industry. It provides students the opportunity to apply relevant models, frameworks, tools and techniques in understanding a particular industry. The quality of the report will be largely determined by the research skills of the team, the application of relevant models, theories, frameworks, tools, and techniques, and the ability of the team to analyse a wide-range of data and present an organised package of information in an effective, concise yet comprehensive manner.

About the Book

Industry Analysis

Industry Analysis Assignment Help provides you the in-depth knowledge of Australian airline industry.Australian airline industry is one of the most competitive airline sectors in the world. Despite the fact that the global economy is going through a downturn, the domestic air travel in Australia is going through a relatively stable and growth period and is holding up very well given the present scenario.

The aim of this analysis is to identify the macro-economic factors that are affecting the Australian airline industry today in a big way. Also the aim is to study the various competitive dimensions present in the industry and the major players that are currently present. We also put the emphasis of our study on each of these players individually and as to what are the broad level strategies adopted by them in order to gain a larger pie of the market share. Based on this analysis we will be providing our recommendations as to what should be the best possible way forward for the industry players (Aaker,2011).

This study also emphasis on the fact that the industry is going through a very difficult phase due to several reasons. One of the biggest reasons for this condition for the industry is the grave economic scenario all over the globe, where in the companies are looking to cut their costs and reduce expenses on travel. Also the individual consumers are looking at other modes of transport and alternative options like video- conferencing over the internet, so as to save cost of airline travelling. The major finding of our analysis point towards a fact that the industry has recently become highly competitive and that it had been in a monopolistic state for quite some time in the recent past. But the entry of a new player as well investments from foreign companies in this sector have given a shot in the arm for the Australian airline industry that is now looking at more innovative ways to lure customers and gain profits even in this difficult economic scenario (Bensoussan,Feisher,2008).

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