Industry Analysis
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This assignment requires you to conduct a thorough analysis of one of the following industries. The main focus of this analysis should be the international aspects of the industry that you have selected. You are required to present your findings to potential overseas investors with recommendations to invest in the selected industry.

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Industry Analysis

Higher education industry is one of the most growing as well as attractive industry not only in Australia but around the world. Students are in the need of higher education from reputed universities and they dare to move to international boundaries. This is the industry which is highly recession proof and thus even in the depression of economy losses, this industry will continue to showcase increase in the number of students (Basche, 2011). Australia is one such big market for the higher education where many overseas students come for completing their education. The education level in Australia is considered to be very high because of available resources and also practical knowledge of the professors. The study in Australia is regarded as one of the best in world and comparable to reputed universities in Europe and United States. Most of the students in Australia come from developing countries like China and India. Number of foreign students in Australia is increasing every year.

Higher education is considered to be specialized education which helps in building professional skills for a candidate. These professional skills are needed in the job and designing future career path. Higher education can thus be divided into many sub-categories such as:

1. Doctorate courses

2. Business management courses

3. Degree and non-degree courses

4. Fulltime or part time courses

5. Master by research courses

These are some of the sub-categories for the higher education in Australia (Loida, 2008). Most of the universities in Australia have any one or more than one education categories.


Current business environment of higher education industry is very profitable and is growing at a faster pace because of the increase in the quality of education offered. Also the number of the students enrolled every year is increasing in the universities in Australia. This has made the market as very huge and also very attractive for the global universities or private players who want to invest in the higher education in Australia.

This industry has not a very major role in driving the world economy but indirectly it plays important role for world economy boom. As the number of universities increases for the higher education, the number of the literate professionals also increases in the world (Allegretto & Arthur, 2009). These professionals have the capability to drive organizations and companies on the path of success. Thus in return the companies provide huge amount of revenue for the countries. In fact the business of higher education is very lucrative and thus many companies have observed this potential and have started investing into the universities of Australia.The merging trend in this industry is utilization of hi-tech technologies in the higher education. In the era of globalization, every university is providing its lectures in the digital format which helps in saving and retrieving the lectures whenever needed by the student (Barker & Hartel,2010). Also all the materials related to the education can be accessed through tablets like IPad. This has made education accessible outside the boundary of the classes.

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