Importance Of Pay
Genre: General Awareness

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About the Book

Importance Of Pay


The article brings forth the importance of pay structure in the organization and how this may be used to motivate the employees (Bates, 2006). This shows the anomaly that is brought forward by many studies where the employees refused to state the importance of pay due to many socially accepted factors but by their behavior characters have revealed that this is of prime importance. We would look at various factors that have resulted in such a behavior and how the management can tackle the same and ensure that they get the right components included in the compensation structure so that the employee satisfaction may be improved. One of the reasons that the studies have pointed out is that the employee behavior in under rating the importance of the pay in the compensation structure is because they feel that projecting the same as the most important determinant in motivating them can put them in a bad light in front of the management and in most of the cases the employees are more concerned about the comparative pay that they would receive rather than the absolute pay.



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