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Importance Of Menu

Menu in a restaurant is one of the most important things that can affect the work flow planning and at the same time it is one of the most important internal marketing tools. It is often the first sales tool that the restaurant uses to market its food and beverages. This is one thing that can affect the way one wants to promote the products and is one of the only communications that the restaurant can expect the customers to read completely. It also decides how much wallet share one can get out from the customers and thus affect sales revenues of company. This also affects the inventory management and at the same time this also helps us in planning for the stocks and thus helps us in business forecasting. A good menu makes all these important decisions easy and accurate.

This is an important marketing and communication tool for the customer as it can entertain and decides whether they would stay in the restaurant for a long time (Dumanovsky, 2007). It can help them in deciding the dishes and it has been found that if it is strategically designed then the volume sales would be much more than if the dishes are placed randomly. This can help the restaurants in making sure that they project the items that they would like to sell and hence making they stand out of the rest.

Inventory management is one of the most important aspects of management for restaurants. The design and presentation of menu has an impact on the inventory management. Menu can be used as a tool to support inventory management. The food items which are given more importance in menu should be stored with higher volumes and vice versa. For on the go, day-to-day inventory management, menu can be presented by waiters to accommodate current stock of foods. If some items have stocked out and some items have huge stocks for a particular day, the waiters can use the menu and its presentation to customer in a way that supports the stock condition of the food items.

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