Identify And Evaluate Marketing Opportunities

For this activity you will be required to identify marketing opportunities for an organization by examining the market and business needs conducting research and using creative thinking and innovative approaches to develop potential opportunities.

About the Book

Task 1

a)Find your organisations marketing and business plans and information as listed above and togeather with your marketing team analyse the documentation for possible marketing opportunities.

b)Based on the outcomes of your analysis research potential new markets.Within your marketing team how these new opportunities will contribute to your business.Your report should outline the potential  marketing opportunities.

Task 1

We are a part of Datsun Automobile. We were resurrected in 2013 by Nissan Motors after being phased out at 1985. The return of Datsun didn’t start with what cars to launch, but with the people, the Young Risers living in high-growth markets. They are ahead of the curve, waiting for that one chance that will propel their careers and futures. For the young risers, mobility is both physical and social access to opportunities. They deserve nothing but a brand of their own. That’s why Datsun is returning and rising as the badge for the risers.

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