Human Resource Management
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HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: Recruitment is an important function in the HRM process, for all managers. Critically discuss if it is better to recruit staff to a position from within the organisation (internal recruitment) or from outside the organisation (external recruitment). Justify your answer. Use actual examples to highlight these approaches in action.

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Human Resource Management

Recruiting is like the marketing function of human resources which includes the tasks of advertising the company in a proper way to attract the right talent and helping them fit into the organizational culture of the company. This plays a very important role in helping the employees start on the right track, so that they don’t feel dissatisfied or demotivated and hence stay for a long time with the company.

So the role of the HR manager as far as recruiting is concerned is to set the right recruiting strategy for the company. This includes the task of setting the right channels for recruitment,defining the roles and responsibilities of the line managers as well as the top management in the hiring process, defining the costs associated with the recruitment process and then sticking to the budget, setting the correct performance indicators and so on. The HR manager must also be able stick to the time deadlines as set by the management so that the business of the company is not hindered in any way due to the non-availability of the resources (Broder, 1993).

The recruitment function is always preceded by complete and thorough analysis of the job requirement. The essential factors required for the job must be set out clearly before starting the process. This can include assessing the physical personality traits of the applicant and analyzing the intelligent quotient along with the knowledge of the specific qualities required for the job. So all in all, recruitment of an employee is like buying high ticket assets from the market, a bad buy on the part of the HR manager can prove to be disastrous to the company, hence some companies also prefer to hire external consultants who specialize in the process of hiring.

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