Human Resource Management
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Select an organisation (Australian or overseas) from which you have obtained permission to interview a senior manager with responsibility for human resource management. This person can either be a senior member of the HR department or, in the absence of an HR department, a senior manager with responsibility for managing HR. Write a report describing, critically analysing and evaluating the HRM policies and practices of the organisation

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Human Resource Management


Human Resources have changed from a field where there was a group of people managing and designing the policies and procedures of the company to more of a strategic role that has become more central to the organization. These days human resources are no longer a peripheral function and some of the key decisions taken by the company are basically influenced by the HR. This is mainly because of the changing business environment wherein there are huge changes in the business environment with the entry of more players into the market and proliferation of technology into almost every aspect of business. There is a lot of money that is being spent these days to make a business a success and this would mean that the companies would be looking to breakeven at the earliest. This is made possible only if the company can sustain the changes that are happening around them and update themselves based on them. The managers have to be pro active in observing the surrounding environment and then take the key decisions to adapt to these changes rather than just waiting for the things to happen and take reactive steps. This is where the strategic role of HR comes in. There are several problems that are affecting today’s business. In this report we would look at two key issues that are affecting the business and at the same time understand how these have been impacting the business as a whole. One of the major worrying factors for the companies these days is the aging workforce and the lack of availability of quality talents in the market. There is a huge amount that is being spent on training of the new employees but to get them to the levels of performance of the other employees is a huge task. The HR has to make sure that they manage between the both; the decline of the performance of the ageing workforce and at the same time they have to manage the same with the new ones being recruited by getting them on board and performing right from the word go. The second major issue that we would discuss here is the use of technology and how it impacts the business operations. Technology has changed a lot during these years and the companies are forced to change their business operations based on the change in the technology which would mean that they have to change the operations as a whole. If the companies are not updated in terms of technology, the quality would suffer and they would be sidelined in the market. This calls for a planned decision making where the company has to take a call on when to update them in terms of the technology and train their man power based on the same.

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