Human Resource Management
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Identify and discuss the issues that a HR Manager would have to consider when relocating a manager from Australia to manage a local branch of an Australian organisation based in Tokyo.

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Human Resource Management


We live in a globalized world where boundaries are fast eroding and companies are trying to expand their market share by exploring various geographies around the world. It has given business a new set of opportunities but all these opportunities come with its own set of challenges. In this essay we are discussing a similar issues and challenges that a HR manager needs to consider while relocating a manager from Australia to manage local branch of Australian Organization based in Tokyo. Essay begins by analyzing the variousissues on cross countries relocation issues that needs to be considered before relocating to new geography. Then we move on to the specific business traits and practices of each country i.e. Australia and Japan. We analyze both the countries on various factors such Economic, Social, Political, Cultural, Geography, Natural Resources, Historical and mindset of general people. Since both the countries has a large difference in terms of Geographical area, natural resources and culture, it is bound to happen that when a Australian manager is first sent to Tokyo, it might come as a surprise as well as a challenge for him to understand and adapt the new environment. One of the starkest differences being Australia has an individualistic culture while Japan is more of collective culture inclined towards doing things for the common good. Essay concludes with best practices cross country re- location issues discussed in the essay and the recommendation for manager from Australia moving to Tokyo.

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