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Human Resource Management in Large organization

With the advent of globalization and information age, we live in an era where people, skills and knowledge plays an instrumental role for the overall growth of the organization. Employees of the organization, which are now termed as the human resources were earlier in the industrial age, called labors. Human Resource Management, as a practice, has made its foray into the higher management as the organizations are growing in terms of market share and employee strength. Also, nowadays, organizations are going international with its offices opening in various countries throughout the world. Hence, it is important to manage such a diverse force of human resources with the standard and fair practices and at the same time giving personalized attention and feedback to individual employee.

E-HRM Process

As the innovations are happening around the world in the field of mobility and cloud, the modus operandi of doing the routine work is changing. Lots of large organizations are encouraging the BYOD (Bring your own device to work) and work from home culture. In the globalized world, team members sitting in the various countries around the world are no surprise. The practice of achieving the task by global team is becoming the norm. When the organization has a team of employees from different countries, it is imperative that the human resources team has a global approach to the resource management practices and the same policies are implemented throughout all its offices. Internationalization has been one of the biggest factors for outsourcing the HRM practices to external agencies (Galanaki & Papalexandris, 2007). Technology and internet has been one of the main contributors to erase boundaries around the world and the same should be explored and applied to understand the employee aspirations and management (Hendrickson, 2003). Hence, e-HRM, that aims to manage and improve productivity and efficiency of the organization with the help of technology, has been instrumental in transforming the organization.

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