Human Resource Management
Genre: Management

Examine the importance of HRM in terms of workforce planning, strategic planning, managing talent, and recruitment and selection.

About the Book

Human Resource Management

In any organization, in order to achieve the strategic goals that they have set for themselves, they have to have the necessary talent onboard and thus invest in the human resource management that would be able to take up the challenges that they would face in the process and at the same time the management must align the existing workforce with the goals that they have set for the organization. HR plays an important role here as it is up to them to identify the goals that the organization has set for them and at the same time they have to identify the gaps in the talent pool and fill them keeping in mind the future expansions of the company (Kawakami & Dovidio, 2001). Human Resource Management have to make sure of their expertise in understanding the needs of the organization and have to play a key role in terms of managing talent, workforce planning and succession planning for the top posts in the organization. They would require the aid of the right set of metrics and tools that would give them a fair idea of the health of various departments and make the right decisions in partnership with the top management that can help the organization in reaching the goals that they have set for themselves . Human Resource Management will have to take stock of the talent that is available within the organization and identify the gaps and try to fill in the positions that are critical to the organization. Human Resource Management have to understand the business patters and ensure that they are prepared to meet the same rather than complaining the changes for the lack of planning from their end. The business environment is also fast changing across the industries with many new players entering the market, multiple mergers and fast improvement in the technology field (Adams, 1965).

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