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Human Resource


The company is a 100 year old provider of industrial and consumer packaging and services. The head of the company has demanded the HR department to come up with new HR structures and reduce the HR function costs by almost 20%. The HR department was required to cut across the departmental lines and come up with innovative strategies to support the new growth story of the company. This meant ensuring the accountability from the top level management for the concerning issues related to human management and their full attention and support to the same.The other important fact was also to ensure the talent was equally divided amongst all the smaller divisions of the company for a more wholesome growth (Hartel et. al., 2007, pp. 46–60).

Case Human Resource  issues

The overall business strategy of the company was changing and the Human Resource department was required to work at a more strategic role in the issues. This was moving away from the more traditional roles and responsibilities that the HR had been handling in the company until now. The company had gotten to realize the fact that it would have to change its business model to increase its top line growth and survive in the new global scenario. It had to also ensure that it differentiated itself well enough from its other competitors in order to meet the demands of the new urbane and convenience obsessed customers. Currently the talent in the organization was viewed only in silos, and not as a complete entity to in the overall view of the organization. Moreover the consistency required in the entire process of handling the issues were lacking and there were no protocols that the HR Function had agreed upon to follow as far as the handling of the human resources was concerned (Noon & Blyton, 2002, pp. 49–77).

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