Human Resource Issues
Genre: Management

This case is about how Matt MacLellan was not satisfied with his current profile as the program manager of Interactive Learning System (ILS) team. He told his manager Jim Kaplan about the same. He told Kaplan that he wanted to work as a software design engineer, which is different from current managerial position. Jim Kaplan was in jeopardy on how to balance Jim Kaplan and Microsoft’s interest together.

About the Book

Human Resource Issues

All the Human Resource issues are related with interests of key stakeholders related with this case. There are different perspectives in this case those of MacLellan, Kaplan and Microsoft. This case has different views regarding MacLellan’s needs, career upgrade and resource management so as to resolve MacLellan’s future in Microsoft. MacLellan wanted to move from Program Manager Role on a functional side. He has developed good managerial skills for product development in Interactive Learning Systems (ILS) which was under the purview of Jim Kaplan. MacLellan was not happy with his managerial roles and responsibility and wanted to move towards creation of any new product project (Longenecker and Goff 1990).

This is a specific case related with issues related with mentorship and career progression of an internal employee. An employee who is established in a certain role is trying to take up new opportunities in the same organization in another role. This is because he isn’t satisfied with his current role and wants to explore other career avenues (Kelloway and Barling 2000). The initial request of MacLellan has been confirmed as he took Jim’s suggestion to think about his decision to move to development track more suitably. He came up with same output that his new role will help him to do more interesting things (Huselid 1995). Also, he wanted to create new things even if this would require a significant shift in his career preferences. Jim Kaplan was functioning as the mentor of MacLellan for role of product manager over the Interactive Learning Systems (ILS) project. He used this as an opportunity to develop the management skill set of MacLellan and make him the proud owner of Interactive Learning Systems (ILS) project (Longenecker and Goff 1990).

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