Human Resource Assignment
Genre: Management

Discuss the main issues and challenges for organisations in implementing performance management systems? What are the specific skills that managers and human resource (HR) practitioners need in order to address these issues effectively?

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Human Resource Assignment


For Integrated development on any Company, planning, budgeting as well as performance management need to be used as powerful tools which can assist any Company so as to develop an integrated perspective on how to proceed on development in their respective industry. Performance management in particular can help in enabling them for focusing on individual as well as organisational priorities present in increasingly complex as well as totally different set of rules of the market. It can help in their enablement to direct resource allocation as well as use institutional systems for fulfilling a new set of development objectives.

Performance management can be very much critical so as to ensure that organisational plans are being implemented, so that they can have the much desired focus as well as developmental impact on the company results as well as can help in Human resources being used efficiently as well as efficiently. This can help to establish as well as maintain in an organisation, a service- orientated culture for operation in the Company. When we look at performance management as well as integrated development planning for organisation, there are presently actually two faces of the same coin. The Integrated Development Plan (IDP) can help to discuss what any Company’s wants to achieve like what the work force can expect from their resources as well as the Performance Management System (PMS) can deliver in terms of managing, measurement & evaluation about the extent of achievement which can assist company to measure what it expected out of development which is being done (Hough., Keyes, & Dunnette, 1983).

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