Henry Fayol And General Management Theory
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Henry Fayol And General Management Theory


Henry Fayol was one of the greatest management theorists who has give a different perspective to the way management theories were looked at. He came out with many theories and general management observations in his first book General and Industrial management written in the year 1916. Some of the basic concepts like having a single manager and thus uniformity in command were proposed by Fayol. One of the most appealing things that made him popular amongst others was that he used analogies that were in direct connection with those with the daily lives. In this assignment I would look at exploring various concepts that Fayol has introduced to the public and the impact that it has on our daily lives and modern day organizations especially given the drastic changes that has happened to the business landscape. There are several theories that he proposed years ago and at the same time has relevance even today in this sharply competitive environment. In this report we would be looking at various theories, their pros and cons and ho they have been impacting the current business environment.

Fayol’s Management Theories

Division Of Work

According to Fayol, Work in any organization should be divided into various departments and this has a clear logic to it. . It is clear that no one can be an expert in all the fields and at the same time by dividing the work the quality of work improves and the productivity of the employees also improves (Breeze, 1988). This theory has formed as the basic foundation wherein we have seen improvements in productivity levels of various employees and at the same time there are dedicated departments as a part of this division of work theory and we see that there are far better improvements that are happening at a micro level that has improved the business processes. One of the major disadvantage in this case is that extremity in division of work can lead to people doing redundant work and at the same time too much of cost involved (Pope, 1988). This can also lead to the repetition of work and people getting bored of the work and hence leading to job dissatisfaction. But overall even though this theory has been existing long before, it has been put to use by almost all the companies and they have reaped dividends because of the same. This has resulted in companies focusing more on the improvements at a micro level and department level and this has actually come up with some drastic changes in the way in which the business has been done.

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