Globalisation And Business It
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u need to assume that u interview two Mc manager, and follow the given article, have a short introduce the manager, and then, write ur question and his answer!!(but about his answer, u need to use third person not first person)!!

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Aim for global expansion of McDonalds

This assignment was written on topic Globalisation And Business It by our experts.In response to the first question regarding major aim for global expansion of  McDonalds throughout that world she responded that McDonalds diversified itself in more than 118 countries with 32500 restaurants worldwide in order to reduce the exposure of company from US. Since US was highly competitive country in fast food industry hence expanding McDonalds throughout the world reduced the concentration risk for the company and also allowed them to have a global presence and brand image (Michael et al, 2012). Further total customer base of the company increased exponentially with presence in multiple countries, at present McDonalds serve to more than 68 million consumers on daily basis and this defines the increasing consumer share of the company. Entire revenue for McDonalds can be divided into four major segments which include US, Europe, Asia pacific and other countries. McDonald expansion is into its peak phase wherein company is gaining revenue of more than 65.1% through its international presence and only 34.9% of the revenue is obtained from the US market. Hence there is very low level of dependency for McDonald on US markets wherein competition is quite high and major income is derived from other countries wherein there is low market penetration.

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