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Fordism can be defined as the standardization of the production process which enables the organizations to have mass production of the goods resulting into lower cost production and better production in terms of quantity, quality and volume. Henry Ford was the person who came up with these ideas of transforming the manufacturing processes in the early 1910s where he introduced these ideas to his automobile manufacturing plant in Detroit, USA. While reviewing the production facility he realized that the current production process to manufacture the cars were very time consuming and effort intensive. Therefore he introduced the production process of standardization, where the same components, the processes and the other tools were used for manufacturing processes. These ideas were then termed as Fordism as it was Henry Ford who came up with these ideas. In fact Fordism not only included the changes in the production process only but other measures also which can help in increasing the productivity of the organization and also beneficial to the labors, such as Five Dollar Day scheme (Steinmetz 2006, pp. 35-39). Although these ideas were initially thought keeping in mind the automobile industry setup as Henry Ford’s organization was dealing with manufacturing of vehicles as that time, these concepts are now widely used even in other manufacturing organizations as well to make the production more efficient and effective. The essay will discuss the essence of Fordism based on the research done to understand the topic. It will also examine how Fordism had influence on the management of the organizations. The essay will then provide the critical analysis of Fordism of how it has been useful to the organizations and what are its limitations. Finally the essay will conclude with the mention of moral and ethical issues related to Fordism.

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