Europe Industrialization
Genre: General Awareness

Discuss the debate on why Western Europe industrialised earlier than Asia, which had superior technological and scientific knowledge in the pre-industrial period. You should critically review the Eurocentric view on industrialisation and summarise reasons why Asia failed to be the first to industrialise.

About the Book


This essay is aiming to identify and critically evaluate the reason for rapid Europe industrialization in comparison to Asia, specially the western European part. One of the primary reasons why this debate or this question is raising is because before industrialization Asia as a region was more scientifically developed and they had a higher level of technological know how. Through this essay there would be some light to throw on what went wrong and what were the reasons which made a Eurocentric view of industrialization and why Asia failed to became industrialized even though they were better prepared.


The Eurocentric view of industrialization of the industrial revolution began in Great Britain and then later it spread through the Western Europe. This is called as industrialization of continental Europe which was slightly later than Great Britain. Primarily beginning of industrial era is considered to be from 1760 onwards but actual development of industries. Machinery and labour movement began from 1820 onwards (Blaut, 2000). Characteristics of this development was switching of manufacturing process from hands to machines, development of steam based engines, using new chemical based manufacturing processes in textiles and iron ore mining, water power was also used in this period effectively. Industrial revolution helped in changing the economic structure and life style of Great Britain and entire Western Europe eventually. Manufacturing of Europe became more efficient and cost effective as compared to other parts of the world and their quality was superior as well. This happened because of inclusion of machines and chemicals.

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