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Ethics In Global Society


Human right create awareness among the individual persons regarding their rights and duties into the society so that people facing issues related with the common rights such as the resisting torture, medical neglect and demanding for the end of hunger issues into various parts of the globe (Robeyns, 2003). At present when several countries has done so much development and many countries are at fast growing pace but still almost all the countries are facing the issue of lack of human rights in these countries such as South Africa, China, Egypt, Mexico, US and UK etc. Further human right issues are diverting into the political debate for these countries not only at the national level but also on the global front as well. In present essay main discussion would be focused on the capability aspect which is considered as the central importance for the understanding of human rights.

Capabilties as central importance to an understanding of human rights

Human rights are considered to be entitlements for the human capabilities as along with rights for a person; obligations are also associated which defines the duties of that person towards the society which provide rights. Nussbaum consider the capability as the major entitlement to the human right where in her approach to human rights considers life with dignity & truly human functioning (Robeyns, 2005). Nussbaum has developed a list of ten capabilities which can be considered as the central focal point for the life with dignity.

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