Ethical Theory
Genre: General Awareness

You are required to write a fully referenced essay of no more than 4000 words in length on a topic of your choosing that is related to the themes of ISYS330, namely the social, ethical, cultural and/or historical aspects of information technology and allied areas of professional practice.

About the Book

Ethical Theory


Ethical theories that started the discussion of the thought leaders since Milton Friend famously quote ‘Business of business is business’ (Friedman, 1970). Since then there have been several theories and papers discussing the various ethical theories, practices and behaviors for the individuals as well the corporate to behave in socially responsible manner. This essay is going to elaborate on various ethical theories in practice and why do we need them. Ethical theories are like the road signage which help and guide individual as well the corporate to take the better decision in the moment of crisis as well the ethical ambiguity. As there are many stake holders involved in the company, internal as well as external, the responsibility of the individual is to take a decision that maximizes the profit of everyone involved. But since we know it is not always possible, it becomes imperative for the decision maker to prioritize and take decision. Essay aims to explore and evaluate how ethical theorize helps the process of prioritizing stake holders, things to be evaluated before taking decisions and how to foresee the bigger picture instead of working on a short term problem.

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