Environmental Sustainability Audit
Genre: General Awareness

Students need to search for and negotiate with a company to get permission for conducting the audit. The company can be either a manufacturing or a service organisation. Students can choose the company of their employment for this assignment.

About the Book

Environmental Sustainability Audit

Executive Summary

Plasticut is Australia Engineering plastic manufacturing company which specialises in residential, commercial and infrastructure sector. It provides service capabilities in the areas of PVC, Polypropylene and Acrylic. This report present a Environmental Sustainability Audit of the Plasticut company and helps us understanding what the different types of wastes are, emissions etc which affect the environment from a plastic manufacturing company. It also helps in understanding what waste levels and waste control measures, company has adopted. Plasticut is aware of environmental policies and is committed to its employee’s safety and Environmental concerns.

This report establishes what type of Corporate, environmental plan company has adopted and how far restructuring of the company is helping them to align its goals and objective to environmental strategies. There are some measures where company has already surpassed the standards set in the industry related to environment but still there is scope of improvement in some areas. This report briefly describes and discusses such environmental concerns and give recommendations in the end to Plasticut so as to it strengthens its areas of improvement.


 History & Ownership

Plasticut is Australia based company established in 1978, a manufacturing company that deals with specialising in engineering plastic for residential, commercial and infrastructure sector. Plasticut provide services in the areas including PVC, polypropylene, polycarbonate and acrylic. Also offers computer aided design, machines, welding, rod, sheets and tube (Hill, 1992). It is headquartered in Campelfied, Victoria and provides services to interstate and local customers. Plasticut staff is highly qualified, skilled and competent enough with engineering background. It not only provides one of the best customer services but also is cooperative and skilled enough.

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