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Environment And Social Evaluation

Screening And Scoping

Before starting any project, it is very important that the project’s effect on the environment and social evaluation is also evaluated properly. In this case also it is necessary that the environmental aspects of the project for decongesting the Westgate Bridge are studied in depth so as to minimise the adverse effects which the project may cause to the environment and the surroundings. The major areas where the ‘projects can cause harm to environment are the flora, fauna, land, noise, air and water. All of these entities will be significantly impacted by the options which are suggested to manage the traffic at the Westgate Bridge. This can lead to severe short term as well as long term consequences such as the ecological balance getting disturbed, loss of biodiversity, pollution of air and water leading to health related issues and many other related issues. Therefore it is required that the environmental aspects of the project are also evaluated in great detail so that such issues can be avoided or a solution to mitigate such problems can be found out (Edignton 2006, pp. 198-203). The following sections try to do a similar environmental evaluation for the project under consideration.

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