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Employment Relations


In an organization, there would be people from different backgrounds that will be working together and at the same time this can create some conflict or the other amongst them. It is a very rare scenario where the opinions of the people who are working in an organization would be the same. Managing workplace conflicts would require a strong manager who understands the business and at the same time manage the man power that he has in an efficient manner. It is his duty to ensure that the working environment is good enough and there is a harmony amongst various departments so that the productivity f the employees increase (Rodwel, 2005, p. 102). Manager has to be on top of the situation and should command respect from his colleagues so that he can manage the conflicts effectively. We have seen that some of the conflicts that happens in companies may turn into inter personal conflicts that will affect the overall working environment and hence productivity in the organization. The man management skills and the negotiation skills of the managers would be put to test in these situations and this would also give the employees a confidence that they have someone to go back to share their issues. The manager will have to create an open culture in such cases where the employees are free to voice out their opinion

Without going any further let us discuss what are management and its role in ensuring a conflict free work place. Management is reaching the goal that is set out for the organization with the resources that is being allotted to them. In most of the cases we see that the resources are limited in nature and at the same time in order to achieve the goals that they have set for the organization they will have to ensure that all the resources are productive in nature. Conflicts are bound to happen in a work place but they will have to ensure that this is minimal and in case of any conflicts the things are sorted out at the earliest to ensure things are back on track and they are on their way to achieve the goals that they have set for themselves.


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