Employer Branding
Genre: General Awareness

In this assignment, you will be writing a literature review that addressed the research question you have developed throughout this course. While you will likely use the sources from your annotated bibliography (Assignment #1) as a starting point, you will want to conduct further research for this assignment.

About the Book

Employer Branding

We have again taken up the issue of Employer branding to be discussed using these research paper discussions and digging up various methods and concepts which are around.

The research question that is being discussed is “Need of Employer branding and its associated effects for any company”. The research question holds prime importance in our study as we need to first of all set the need of employer branding before dwelling deep on its effects. All of these credible sources can help us to find necessary theoretical and methodological perspectives adopted in the reviewed literature which relate to our research question and to their specific results.

Before moving ahead, we should first state the definition of employer branding. As per Backhaus and Tikoo (2004), An ‘employer brand’ is defined based on multiple intangible characters which include employer perception, employer image versus employer identity and the ability of a perspective employee to differentiate between them. An employer brand is defined as the image of a company which is projected as a potential employer. If any company has a strong employer brand as well as unique value proposition, then that company is seen as a distinctive place to work by prospects which has attractive brand values as well as seen as career prospects (Backhaus & Tikoo 2004). When we put in today’s highly competitive job market, employer branding is considered as a crucial tool which is required for attracting as well as retaining the right kind of talent required for running a company as well as grow the same. As per the author, if we discuss Employer Branding, it helps every company to recruit highly-skilled as well as promising new employees and enhance their loyalty as they will help in increasing their identification as an employer. Employer Branding also helps to raise any organization’s visibility in the prospective job market as well as helps to make it completely stand out from the rest of competition (Saleena & Bhawna 2012).

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