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Employability Skill Development


The training and skill provided to an individual on his job is one of the key defining characteristics if the value of the employee to the company and in general to the industry. The importance of this is defined by the fact that theoretical education which an individual achieves before joining a job for any organisation may or may not fulfil the exact needs of the company. Even if the individual satisfies the entire technical requirement in relationship to the work done by the company, it does not include the industry requirements, the way of interaction, the act of taking responsibility, and being a professional and an avid contributor to the success of the company. The importance given to experience in case of most jobs and by most employers is because an individual takes to learn the niches of any particular industry to become an expert and start delivering high quality work and contribution with no support requirement (Atkins, 1999).

An undergraduate joining a company may have technical knowledge and may have some leadership qualities which he have may have acquired during his education, but he will be devoid of the day in day out requirements of self-management, accountability, leadership, being an effective contributor to the culture and success of the company, etc. This requires training on the part of the company. More important than that is the application of the training during the working hours by the employee (Atkins, 1999).

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