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Email Assignment


You are the Public Relations Manager of Edible Delights Pty Ltd, a major food manufacturer with an Australian?wide distribution territory. During recent months you have observed the catastrophic consequences to competitors of several food contamination incidents. These incidents were poorly handled and resulted in the hospitalisation of customers who had consumed tainted food products, recall of many tonnes of goods, and incalculable loss of good?will. As a result you have been becoming increasingly alarmed at the fact that Edible Delights is also in an extremely vulnerable position as it has no crisis management or communication plan.

After having spent considerable time conducting research into crisis communication, you decide it is time for Edible Delights to develop its own state?of?the?art crisis management plan. You set to work and construct two internal email documents:

1. Document 1 (page 1) is an email addressed to the Edible Delights Board of Directors. The purpose of this email is to persuade the Board to invest $50,000 and work with a company of communication specialists for a period of six months, to develop and refine a customised crisis management and communication plan for Edible Delights.

2. Document 2 (page 2) is an email to be sent to all Edible Delights employees, following the Board’s enthusiastic support for your proposal. In this email you announce and explain the decision, present a brief overview of the major aspects you anticipate that the crisis management and communication plan will address and present the proposed development timeline.

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