Eddie Assignment
Genres: Business, Internet

Critically evaluate this statement: the Internet offers a space where people may resist oppression on a daily basis; it overturns traditional structures of power and control.

About the Book

Eddie Assignment

Internet has played a revolutionary role in breaking the economic barriers of technology and knowledge between the developed and the developing countries of the world. Also the political scenario has changed a great deal with the advent of the internet. People now feel that they have the power to dethrone a corrupt or a dictator government by coming together and creating an internet revolution that can snowball into a real thing (Nagourney, 2009). This can be evidenced from the dethroning of the Mubarak government in Egypt in 2011. The same applies to the religion and a few clerics or institutions don’t control as to how the religion would be perceived by the people any more. People can take things up in their own hands and can question the traditional religious beliefs. We now take up these individual cases of economy, power, politics and religion to discuss them in detail and how they have changed because of the internet (Rheingold, 1999).

Economy and Internet

Irrespective of how rich or poor the country is, they still have to use internet and technology as a part of their overall business strategy. It provides a competitive edge to a nation and the efficiency of business worldwide increases multiple folds. The workforce efficiency is the major factor in the overall business enhancement of a country. Internet not only makes the workforce highly effective but also gives them a lot of scope for innovation in the work practices as they can now get access to the best practices from around the world and get knowledge at a very dynamic pace to make quick business decisions (Flew, 2007). But because of such a high availability and ease of use of the internet, it is up to the businesses of these countries now as to how they can make use of the internet technology in the most efficient manner and thus better themselves economically as compared to other countries.

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