Domestic Violence And Child Abuse
Genre: General Awareness

Write an essay on domestic violence,child abuse and sexual assault ?

About the Book


Now a days Domestic Violence And Child Abuse are one of the major problems of our country.Since time immemorial, violence against women has been one of the common traits of human behaviour. This trait of Domestic violence and Child abuse cuts across different regions of the world, different cultures and different religions. No one religion, region or culture has seen a different treatment of women. In the social order of humanity, women have always been given a place lower and inferior to that of men (Koss, Bachar and Hopkins, 2003). Men have been socially dominant over women and this dominance has shown its ugly head in the form of sexual and social violence and abuse of women periodically. With the passage of time and the social progress made by the society, the issues faced by the fairer sex have been brought to the forefront and has been the subject of many debates across the world. Laws have been enacted in many countries which aim to protect women from such domestic abuses. The judiciary and the executive wings of the governments across the world have been in unison when it comes to framing tougher laws for such violence with harsher penalties.

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