Digital Marketing
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Describe what various writers -at least THREE (3) - identify as the opportunities and challenges facing organisations who wish to use digital marketing techniques.

About the Book

Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is the new form of marketing which has evolved in today’s world of internet. It involves marketing of products and services through means of internet technology. The marketers use means like emails, blogs , online advertisement, search engine optimization (SEO), social media,etc. to reach out to potential customers, inform them about the features of their offering to them online and influencing them make a purchase of the organizations offerings. The digital marketing can be divided into two types – Push DM and Pull DM. Push digital marketing, is the type where the marketers reach to the potential customers without taking their prior consent to market their products. Example of means used to do push DM can be use of emails, text messages, showing advertisements in popular web pages. On the other hand pull digital marketing involves reaching out people after taking their consent to send the information which marketers want to convey or where the people actively search for the information. The popular means for pull digital marketing are creating websites, blogs, videos and audios which people can go through to find the information on company’s offerings (Merisavo 2006, pp. 10-14). With the expansion of internet in every domain of the life of people, it is important to understand the opportunities and challenges involved in digital marketing. It is also required to understand the ways to plan and implement digital marketing in today’s online world.

Opportunities with Digital Marketing

The organizations which wish to adopt digital marketing have many opportunities in front of them to improve their marketing. For example the organizations can reach to a large number of people and provide them the information in an easier, cheaper and quicker manner. It is a fact that setting up a website or sending information through emails or text messages can is a very cost effective in reach customers even at a very large distance. This allows the opportunity to organization to increase its customer base to a larger number of customers and people in remote areas (Sundar& Brown 2003, pp. 30-59). Also since the information can be communicated to people in a quicker way and in more elaborated manner than the traditional manner of marketing where there are constraints like TV ad duration or space in news paper for advertisement. With low investment, the marketers can do a better marketing than traditional manner through digital marketing. Also with lower advertisement costs there is great opportunity to get benefited from higher profit margins. With higher profit margins, the organizations can reduce their price and make their product more competitive than rivals and also can invest these high profits to invest in more R&D and come with better products than are present in the market. (Zeithmal 2002, pp. 363-375)

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