Digital Marketing
Genre: Marketing

Describe what various writers -at least THREE (3) - identify as the opportunities and challenges facing organisations who wish to use digital marketing techniques.

About the Book

Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing is defined as marketing by the use of tools and techniques of digital domain on the internet. Its main mission is to capture customers using online advertising and promotions so that any entity can promote its goods and services.  This academic report about opportunities and issues with digital marketing has its intent based on finding various facets of the concepts of DM. We have also tried to check what all various challenges and options are available in DM for organizations as per the academic research (Ruuska&Vartiainen, 2005).To gain an insight into the definition of Digital Marketing, we need to study the entailment and benefits of Digital Marketing. We also need to identify the challenges associated with Digital Marketing.  We have discussed the ways in which organizations can try and implement digital marketing into their online and offline marketing activities. The intent for this academic report is to check multiple reasons due to which digital marketing should be used as one of the most important strategic tools in an organization.  The main reason behind adopting digital marketing should be for helping business function in a continuous manner by building connectivity and trust among all stakeholders. This is also the most effective yet economic way in which the final aim of boosting top line and bottom line of any company can be achieved. This will overall improve the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization (Wind & Mahajan 2001).

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