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Death Assignment

Death has been defined by many in the most obvious and also myriad, varying, different ways. But, it still remains one of the many concepts of life which can never be fully defined or explained. There can be never be a definition which defines death in a nutshell. One of the most simplistic definitions is that death is an event after which a person/living being ceases to breathe or perform any other biological function permanently.

A medical definition of death, limiting ourselves to human beings for the time being, is that a person cannot perform any biological function, none of his organs work anymore,permanently. This definition explains the part of a person’s death which can be seen, heard or felt and is completely tangible. There can be many different machines which reflect that the person’s heart is no longer beating, that the person is no longer breathing, that the vital organs are no more functioning. But, to think of it, this definition and the explanation can never encapsulate death. There will always something which cannot be described about death; something which cannot be simply put into words for everybody to read and understand (Halwani, 2010). A death medically leads to only one logical next step: the cadaver.Medically the process is simple enough. A person dies, after which the cadaver is given to the family. The family buries or cremates the body according to their religion. End of story. Somehow, it misses pointing out that it takes an entire lifetime for the family of the person to forget. And still they don’t.

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