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The Australian market for blood donations is huge in its nature with an average of 1.3 million donations every year for the period 2005-2010 (Pitt, 2012). The industry body Australian Red Cross estimates that at present approximately 3% of the local population donate blood which is an unpaid voluntary service and the industry also estimates that the country needs more than 27000 blood donations every week to satisfy the demand for blood (Pitt, 2012). The Australian government has laid out strict legal, ethical, and qualification guidelines to monitor the process of safe and quality blood donations and transfusion. As of February 2013 the body estimated that one in every three resident Australian would be in need of blood or blood related products in their lifetime and that each blood donation saves up to three lives (Blood Service Statistics, 2013). The same report also mentions that the demand for blood and other blood products is likely to grow by 100% over the next decade. The country has around 83 fixed sites and more than 1000 visiting blood collection centres and that any one on the age group of 16-70 with a minimum weight of 45Kg who is fit and healthy is allowed to donate blood (Blood Service Statistics, 2013).

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