Cultural Differences Between USA And France
Genre: General Awareness
Publication Year: 2013

In this assignment we would assessing the cultural differences between Japan and USA , and FRANCE and USA on the basis of these dimensions

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On the basis of Hofstede’s cultural dimensions there are five major aspects used in assessing cultural differences between two countries. In this assignment we would assessing the cultural differences between Japan and USA , and FRANCE and USA on the basis of these dimensions
In Japan power distance is calculated as 54 while in USA it is 40 which indicate that in USA people are more equally enriched with the power while in Japan there is a higher gap. For France this score is 68 which are higher than Japan in comparison. In a country like USA it is more important that each individual is given his personal space for growth and development. Government tries to bring more equality among citizen while countries like France and Japan have a polarization of powers.
2. Individualism V/S collectivism:-
USA’s society is more individualistic in nature where a person is highly concerned about his personal growth and performance in all aspects of life. On the other hand a Japanese society is more collectivistic society where people desires to live in large groups or societies and they feel that development and growth should be of entire society rather than individuals. USA’s ranking on individualism is NO.1 in world while Japan is at no.22 (Minkov, 2007). For France this score is 71 which is higher than both JAPAN and USA making it a very collectivistic society. This indicate that France as a society is very collectivistic in nature. It can also be seen in their labor laws,
industrial regulations etc. In France people believe that without collective growth individual triumphs are meaningless.
Japan has a score of 95 while USA has a score of 46. This indicates Japanese society is more prone towards certainty in life. For France this score is 86 which is lower than JAPAN while higher than USA. In Japan all decisions in context of personal life as well as business are taken keeping this uncertainty index in consideration. Which means Japanese would think and analyze very keenly and only move forward when they are very much sure of the outcomes. France all though have this tendency much higher than USA but still they are not as conscious as Japanese.

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