Cultural Analysis Report – Mongolia
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Write cultural analysis report on mongolia of near about 2500 words ?

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Cultural Analysis Report – Mongolia


The culture and traditions of a country define the likings and preferences of its people. In today’s world when the competition has grown so much, attaining customer satisfaction is the strategy of many companies. This can be achieved only when customers get products and services according to their needs and desires. Thus understanding the culture, eating habits, dressing and living style of the people of a country can help the companies manufacture products that suit their needs best. Moreover by analyzing the recreational activities, hobbies and standard of living appropriate initiatives can be taken by a company to market their product.


Mongolia has been ruled by many emperors from various regions and this marks the culture and tradition of Mongolia. In 1206 the country was initially ruled by Genghis Khan who also became the founder of the Mongol Empire. Mongolia saw the spreading of Buddhism during the 16th and 17th century and was further ruled by Qing Dynasty. The downfall of the Qing Dynasty marked the beginning of the Mongolian independence, but the country got recognized globally only in 1945, after its constant struggle with the Republic of China (Lebar et al, 1994). Horse riding and nomadic culture became common in Mongolia due to the Neolithic agricultural colonization. This was followed by use of metal and iron and evolution of tombs and rock paintings. However the dominance and wrong practices of the Chinese traders led to exploitation of the citizens’ thereby increasing poverty (Schwarz, 1989). Mongolia was always supported by Soviet Union which saved them from the rule of China and Japan and helped Mongolia to get independent. Under the rule of Khorloogiin in 1928, a lot of monasteries were destroyed and monks killed.

Geographical Setting


Mongolia is located in central Asia. It is surrounded by China three sides while Russia covers it from the north. Mongolia is the 19th largest country by size in the world and has a meager population of just 2.75 million people (Statistical Yearbook of Mongolia, 2006). The capital of Mongolia is Ulan Bator, which is also its largest city and constitutes nearly half of the total population of Mongolia. The country is surrounded by hills on the north and west and desert on the south and thus very less area is under cultivation. Mongolia has been divided into 21 provinces which are further categorized into soum. The soum is divided into bag, which is the smallest unit of a province administration.


The temperature of Mongolia is that of the extremes due to the presence of both mountains and desserts. It is hot in summers and gets very cold in winters with a minimum temperature of – 30 degree Celsius (Statistical Yearbook of Mongolia, 2006). The winters are long and very cold whereas the summers are short, dry with high temperature. The skies are generally clear in Mongolia and it rains more in the northern part of the country. The Gobi desert region is desiccated and gets easily destroyed by overgrazing, leaving behind useless stony area which does not support even camels.

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