Cryus Assignment
Genre: Internet

Critically evaluate this statement: virtual communities allow forms of identity and social relations that are unconstrained by our bodies, time and space.

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Cryus Assignment

Internet gives a chance to an individual to use virtual identities and portray themselves any which way they want to as compared to the real life scenario where in an individual is stuck with the image and the personality. So it is comparatively very simple in a virtual world to create an identity that an individual aspires to be and take the personality traits that he doesn’t possess in real life. Also internet provides an opportunity to people of different culture, nationality and economic strata to stay in touch with each other (Rheingold,1999). This would never have been possible in case of a real life scenario. This gives rise to a new breed of relations to develop on the internet which is very different from real world happenings. People having the same taste or community can share their experiences and knowledge irrespective of where they are located in the world at a real time basis. This facet of internet wherein it breaks down the concept of time related event is very unique and has been a defining factor in many historical events of the world (Shafi, 2005).

These relationships based on the concept of time and space can be explained very well if take the different perspectives individually and analyze each one of them. We also take into consideration the affect that the Internet has on the lifestyle of the people especially the way people have changed their trends related to listening to and downloading music. Since these days the music reaches the people even before the music label is launched officially. We can also check as to how these perspectives make an effect on the broader notions of individual identity and community in relation to the internet effects (Slater, 2002).

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