Critical Literature View
Genre: General Awareness

You are expected to utilize a bare minimum of six academic references for this assignment. At least three of these should be articles from academic journals. Other academic references may include university textbooks but NOT Wikipedia or other non-academic internet websites. In addition, you may also include news reports in referencing examples of management practice.

About the Book

critical Literature View


Since the beginning of economies, a lot has been thought, devised and published over effectively managing the workforce and production optimally. There have been numerous theories which explain the various facets of managing a workforce better and getting things done more efficiently. Management of employees has been one of the cornerstones of any successful organization in the world. It is what makes the organizations survive day in and day out while keeping costs low and getting the best performance out of every employee that the organization has. Management of employees is often seen even as more important than the work performed by the managed resources. Effective management of employees and workforce have been accomplished in different ways at different times in any organizations lifecycle. In this report, we would be specifically being looking into the theory of Taylorism.

Frederick Taylor introduced the concept of scientific management of employees and workforce during the late 18th century. The theory aimed at explaining the ways to manage the work force of the company better by understanding the rationale behind the ways that employees perform under different circumstances. The key features of his theory of management of workforce was that the management have a firm control over the work force in order to make things work as per the management’s plan in an efficient manner. As per Taylor, the more control that the management had on the workforce, the better it was for the organization to get the desired output levels from the employees (Taylor, 1911).

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