Consumer Research
Genre: General Awareness

You have been hired as an independent consumer behaviour research consultant to complete a consumer behaviour research report on behalf of one of the listed organisations (your choice) in relation to a new product or service from that organisation (you make this up). That means you are to identify the selected organisation and the new product/service that has been devised, research identified consumer issues relating to the new product/service, collect primary data investigating consumer responses to those identified issues and make strategic recommendations based on this analysis and drawing logical conclusions.

About the Book

Consumer Research

Executive Summary

This report talks about new product launch of Kingston Toy Library. We have first talked about the concept of Toys and how much they are needed for the kid’s growth and development. We first discussed about Kingston Library, its heritage and how much it’s essential for the society. We talked about the current product offerings and where are the gaps present. We did a primary research and presented the findings. The respondents welcomed the new product offering of “Online Toy reservation/Booking” and were ready to also pay a premium for the same. We gave recommendations to customize our offering in the following areas to make it more customized to the audience–

1) Decision Making

2) Customer Decision Making

3) Psychological and Social Factors

4) Internal & External Factors

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