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Consumer  Preferences for CPResorts


CPResorts have opened a new facility called CPResorts Forester and has spent substantial amount on setting it up and promoting it for the customers who want to enjoy their holidays in resorts. It is needed to analyze the effect of promotion done by the group on the nature and behavior of customers who are attracted to the resort and visit it for their holidays. It is important to understand the types of people attracted, number of people who visit the holiday per booking, the length of their stay and the amount they spend on their visits to the resort. The analysis will help the group understand whether the amount spent on the promotions was effective in meeting the objectives of the group.

Analysis of customers attracted to the resort

Following is the analysis of the customers which visited the customers. The analysis was done on the basis of data of 200 bookings made by the customers of the resort in last 12 months.

Income levels of the customers

On analysis of the income of the customers who made booking of their visits at the resort tells that a large number of customers who booked their visit had income more than $ 80000. Out of 200 observations, it was seen that 138 customers had income more than $ 80000 which constitute 69 % of the customers and 62 customers had income less than $ 80000 which means 31% of the observations considered. Thus it can be seen that the promotion was successful in attracting high income customers to the resort.

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