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The target segment for the company is the health conscious public who are looking for some quality cosmetic products. This is all the more relevant in these times when you have several brands who have been making use of many artificial products and people have been complaining about the ill effects of the same like aging etc. It has been seen that the company has been projected as a healthy one and they have made sure that they have a positive image in front of the public. It is also seen that the Chinese herbal stuff is well appreciated by the public and as a result of the same the brand has a great future in Australia. We have interviewed several participants and we have got good responses from people as well as a few who felt that this approach is not going to reap any rewards. Let us look at some responses that were given by the people who have used the brand.

We have taken response from people who are from various age groups who have at least tried the brand once. One of the responses was from Ms. Shelly who was of the opinion that the brand was providing something that they always wanted and this is one thing that has actually closed the gap that was existing in the current scenario. There were a lot of cosmetic items that are available in the market and in most cases people go with the brand and the image that they provide them (Ali, 2005). She says that she never used to look at the contents of the cosmetics or what they are made of unless and until these are being publicized in ads. Thus one thing that is clear from this is that advertising plays a very important role in determining the brand image in case of cosmetics and unlike many other products people goes by the brand image rather than just the composition of the products. One another observation that came through in this interview was that there were a lot of celebrities who was endorsing the brand that has affected the brand in a positive manner (Leon, 2007). In case of a cosmetic brand we know that the people have their aspiration needs and they use such products only when they are feeling that they have to fulfill the gap. Thus one thing that the company needs to focus more is to get the celebrity endorsements and also getting the customer base intact that is loyal to the brand.

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