Consumer Behavior

Modern marketing techniques or strategies are responses to how consumers try to satisfy their needs and wants

About the Book

Consumer Behavior

Consumer behavior is a highly complex procedure which consists of multiple activities in which consumers engage totally for Seeking, Finding, purchasing, Usage, evaluation as well as final disposition of his need related products as well as services with the goal of satisfying needs, desires as well as wants of customers. Hence, Modern Marketing techniques should be focusing on how to help consumers satisfy their needs and wants. There is a multitude of factors which are both internal as well as external are found to be influencing consumer behavior. All of these factors which range from short level as well as long term emotional concerns. Companies want to understand how the procedure of any purchase decision is made. This process is very much fundamental as this forms the setup which can be used for analysis of every product as well as service (Suelin 2010). The intention of this discussion is to first find the reasons what certain marketing techniques are used to deal with consumer’s behaviour, how marketers respond to consumers and how Australian companies are working on the same. There are some ethical issues also corresponding with delivering what is needed by client. When these companies give customers what they need will cause issues for them, society as well as environment. Marketing has also been given critical advices on this matter when such inadequacies rise in products designed. This has created huge concerns for the social and environmental impacts of consumption. If the product is unethical, then its marketing concepts and launch efforts are also unethical in nature. Its ethicality should be examined from the start (Harris 2009).

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