Community Report
Genre: General Awareness

This assessment asks you to demonstrate how you apply community assessment, strategy planning and Community Practice Nursing Interventions (CPNI) relevant to your chosen community.

About the Book


This assignment on topic community report was written by our experts.The category of Aboriginal Nationals was established by the British when they colonized Australia in 1788, to name all the people who were found already inhabiting Australia, and later to all of their descendants of these aboriginals’ people. Till 1980s, their justified legal as well as administrative criterion to be included in Aboriginal category was race in Australia. When Australia was ruled by British, in the times of colonial as well as post-colonial government, the access to basic human rights was completely based your race. If people were a “full blooded Aboriginal native or any individual who is apparently an amalgamation of Aboriginal race”, any of the half caste which is the “offspring as well as Aboriginal relatives as well as not having than Aboriginal father”. They work for rations given by British, giving them minimal of the education devised by the law, as well as having needed governmental approval for getting married, visiting their relatives as well as even using electrical appliances (National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO) 2001).

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