Communication In Business 100
Genre: Business

This is an assignment that asks you to reflect broadly on the role of business, how it communicates and acts on a social issue facing it in any society. Take time to reflect on the many arguments and pieces of information presented in the literature. You will need to read widely and broadly.

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Communication In Business 100


Sinopec Limited (China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation) is one of the major Chinese oil and gas companies and it is head quartered in Beijing, China (Forbes, 2000]. As the organization becomes larger, number of stake holder that affects and influence the organization increases. Sinopec is in the kind of business which explores, processes and distributes natural resources. Hence it affects very larger part of the society as a whole. But at the same time it provides continuous energy and support to the society which is important for the economy to grow and expand. Hence company has to be socially responsible to the its stake holders which includes customers, nature, energy supply, social welfare etc and at the same time be aggressive enough to ensure that company is exploring various research and development option for sustainable energy source to the society.

Sinopec has a corporate social responsibility program that focuses on the six core dimension of the stake holders and it has six prong approach to continuously improve its service CSR program performance to the society. The six core dimension that Sinopec focuses are Energy Supply, Customer Service, Climate Change, Health safety and environment (HSE), employee development and social welfare. Sinopec puts lot of emphasis on protecting the environment and developing a sustainable practice that reduces pollution in the environment. It is reflected in its operational practices and the technical design. One of the recent examples is its project in Ghana where it was the main contractor for Ghana early phase Gas infrastructure Project (Sulley, 2013). The area where construction was going on had lot of wet lands and river hence to protect those lands, Sinopec had adopted thrust boring and horizontal drilling operation to protect the wet land and existing roads. This also reduces lot of work to be done in case vertical drilling was adopted. The initial cost of investment is high for such instruments but the benefits are multifold. It was possible because of the company’s philosophy in investing in the technology to protect the climate and being more socially responsible.

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