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With the fast moving economy and globalization, the world has compact into many folds. Today it is not difficult to trade with any country as the economies of the world is now open. Countries interact with each other, people move from one country to another, countries does inter and intra trade etc. Amongst varies things one of the thing which is gaining importance and people are acquiring right over such thing is INTELLECTAUL PROPERTY RIGHT. This is the right which is the sole right of a person over such things which is created by his own hard work and intellect.

The creativity of the person is his or her property which is established by his or intellect. Thus,the name justified the concept and is termed as INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHT.The present essay deals with the issue as to how China has given protection to the foreign intellectual property Rights. it is important to understand the concept since with the changing economy and globalization it has become important to safeguard the rights of foreign nationals within the home country. This is necessary in order to establish healthy relationship amongst different countries which are trading amongst themselves. As already submitted, the new right which is gaining importance amongst masses is Intellectual Property Right . It is a property right over such things which are created by the intellect of the originator and that originator has sole right over such things, he can sale, lease etc such right without any hindrance caused by anybody else. This right is for a specific time duration after which there is no exclusivity of the originator. (All Law, 2012) Intellectual Property Rights are of many types, like, geographical indication, trademark, patent,copyright etc. (ESA, 2012)

Thus, it can be submitted that though it is a new concept but with the passage of time it is gaining importance and no one can infringe such right and go away without any consequences.Because of the importance the intellectual property rights are gaining it has become the need of the time that countries enact and enforce law so that to protect such rights within their own country and to protract the rights of the nationals of some other country who are claiming such right in the neighboring country.

The present essay deals with how China has enforced and frame laws with respect to Intellectual Property Rights.

Status of Intellectual Property Rights in CHINA

Today every country in the world is establishing law so as to protect the rights of its citizens.It is not only that the rights of the citizens are being protected rather the rights of the foreign nationals are also taken into consideration. China is no exception. As already submitted the concept of Intellectual Property Rights are gaining importance with each passing day and thus it is obligatory upon China to frame rules and regulations so as to protect such rights which are established by the intellect of the originators with great hard work and labor. (Sepetys & Cox,2009)

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