Commercial And Corporations Law
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Internationalisation of regulations would benefit countries in trade and commerce. In other words, creation of a set of rules that could be applied and enforced regardless of jurisdiction of a country.Identify three (3) areas to support the above statement and discuss how these areas would benefit a country in trade and commerce.

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Commercial and Corporations law are interlinked to Internationalisation and globalisation.Internationalisation and globalisation are two terms that are often considered to be synonyms but they both are different from each other where globalisation means the expansion of the trade, commerce, culture, food, and traditions globally, it includes basically everything that is being exchanged globally from education, jobs, trade, commerce, and everything else whereas Internationalisation is actually a part of the globalisation which deals specifically with the trade and commerce which is done between the different countries of the world on a global level. So in this paper we are going to discuss internationalisation and we will try to analyse three areas that can benefit from internationalisation1. We will see that how Internationalisation will help in the growth of these three fields and how if the Internationalisation can be made in a unified way with same rules and regulations for all the countries then how there will be an increase in the trade and commerce of the countries where both the developed and developing economies would equally benefit from it.

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