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Cloud Computing


The advent of Cloud Computing as an effective Enterprise Resource Package for small and medium enterprises has led to the popularity of the Cloud services. The effective integration of the cloud service to the existing and growing business is seen to be greatest benefit of the tool. In today’s recessionary economy, when managing costs is one of the most important decisions before any management, cloud services come as a new respite and relief as against age old cost intensive packages. However dark clouds still loom over the privacy and security in use of Cloud. (Linthicum S, 2007, pp. 13-45)

The Descoteaux is a business growing to be a modern SME and the increasing need of an enterprise resource package is increasing due to growing demand, sales, customer base and widening operations. They however are not keen on implementing a costly ERP package and rather wish to explore the idea of a cloud based service. The below discussion focuses on various aspects related to the implementation of cloud as an SaaS in the Descoteaux Business.

ERP options and Integration aspects with Descoteaux’s business

Today’s Technology offers various ERP solutions offered as SaaS for the operational needs of a growing medium size enterprise. Namely:

a. Google Apps: Google offers clients to use a set of office productivity tools such as e- mail, calendaring, website creation ability and web creation ability.

b. Sales force.com: is a Customer Relationship Management tool.

c. Blue Cloud: is an IBM offering via SaaS for database management.

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