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David Jones Ltd (a.k.a DJs) is an Australian departmental store chain operating throughout the Australia with 37 stores throughout the geography. Founded in the year 1838 after a 13 year of partnership operations with another firm, David Jones have survived for around two centuries now and is one of the most valuable and recognized brand names throughout the Australia. The company has gone through several partnerships and acquisition in its long operations history and has ventured into several business ventures. After a successful restructuring after the early 1990s recession, the company has trimmed down its operation and focusing more on its core strengths such as large physical departmental stores selling product lines of cosmetics, accessories, clothes, electrical items, furniture and home wares etc.

David Jones used to sell food items too, which it discontinued as a plan to focus on its core areas. It also had a noticeable presence in the online marketing segment, which again was closed at the onset of the 21st century in a bid to focus on its core strengths and doing away with the unprofitable businesses.

Identifying The Business Decision

In the year of 2003 after much strategic analysis and pondering over David Jones’ loss making web based online store was scrapped away. However with increasing spending of the customers on online stores and most of the brands registering a strong presence online, it is high time the web based online store of David Jones was given a second chance to thrive. Most of the companies whether it be departmental stores or the single brand retails, across all over the world, are eager to register their presence online and inclining towards boosting their sales through e-commerce. With customers too being technology savvy and spending a lot of time on internet, it might prove to be a shrewd investment for David Jones to let the bygones be bygones and start afresh in the online segment.

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