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Change Management – Australia Post


  1. Opportunity: With the growth of internet and internet usage among the customers, the customer buying behavior is also changing. Now most of the people have shifted their focus from brick shops to online shops as it provides convenience as well as choice. This grown of e-commerce has led to growth in parcel delivery service which should be captured by Australia Post, the market leader in the letter delivery services.
  2. Scope: The scope of this report consists of secondary research on the Australian postal services as well as emergence of online retailing services and impact of this shift on the business of company Australia post with respect to change management.
  3. Report Objective: This report serves the purpose of analysis of change management in Australia Post Company with respect to changing business environment. This report will be helpful in making recommendations to the company in order to achieve smooth change management regime in various business functions (Martin, 2006).

The opportunity: Emergence of E-Commerce

Around the world internet is booming and the number of internet users are also increasing exponentially. Not only are the users accessing internet through computer or laptops but also with the Smartphone. Thus the internet presence around the world is continually increasing and many new businesses are thriving because of the increase in internet usage. E-commerce is the most important business which has seen global presence. Through online retailing, many customers are now enjoying convenient life as they can buy huge range of products while sitting at home enjoying their favorite sport. The shift in the consumer buying behavior has led to the increase in the online retailing shops. Not only the bug retailers like eBay or Amazon are enjoying this internet boom but several other SMEs have also entered into the e-commerce business catering specific need of prospects. These types of SME have taken market share from eBay and Amazon because of the dedicated stock keeping units and enticing offers which makes it irresistible for the customers to go without shopping like pay on delivery , 24hrs delivery etc (McCracken, 2009).

This growth in e-commerce has led to grow many opportunities for third parties and the most common of all is parcel delivery services. Delivery services and supply chain management are the most crucial part of e-commerce website and a great part of profit is subdued without effective supply chain management. The core competency of these e-commerce companies is to provide a platform to the customers for trade and the core competency of the parcel delivery services is to deliver the packages efficiently to the destinations without any mistake or failure.


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