Change Management
Genre: Management

Focus on an organization or industry with which you are familiar and analyse and discuss the claims made in this quote. Your essay should appropriately cite theoretical models and research findings presented in the unit to date that support your argument.

About the Book

Change Management


Modern day organizations are witnessing a huge change in terms of their operations and their approach to the business as the market dynamics are changing at a fast pace that has resulted in the top management to think on the lines of changing the business processes to match the requirements of the market. Theoretically speaking the change management in the organization has close links with the conflict theory and social change concept. Managing the change and getting the employees engaged in doing the same has become of prime importance to the companies mainly because of the fact that the operations of most of the companies have become complex with entry into multiple markets and intense focus on the sales and distribution set up to gain an edge in the market share. This is also forced by the fact that many companies have entered the market thus forcing those without any competitive advantage to move out of the market and has resulted in mergers of different companies and realignment in the business processes to survive in the market. When the organization is looking to make a change there would be resistance from various quarters of work as the employees would be hesitant to move out of their comfort zones and work. According to Konrad (2006) change management is possible only if we manage to convert the employee potential effectively to various parameters that define the business success.

Any change should be informed to the employees well in advance so that they would be prepared for the change and hence would make the necessary arrangements for the same. This would also make them feel important to make sure that they are an integral part of the same process. The organization should also make sure that they make the employees understand the need of the change that they are proposing so that they would value add to the same process. Another thing that they have to make sure is that all the communications that they are sending out to the employees should be engaging in nature.

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